After-school activities (AES)

Extracurricular activities (AES) are offered to students each day after class. These are optional and paid activities, which provide an additional playful touch to classical teaching. They are exclusively reserved for students enrolled in the LFIR.

Sport, arts, culture, language … activities are varied and animated by the LFIR teams and some outside guests. From 1 hour to 1:30, they are organized in 2 sessions of a quarter each.

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CP to CM2

Acrosport is a gymnastic activity. The children will perform staves and group acrobatics such as pyramids. At two or ten, the children will try to make the most impressive figures possible.

Arts & crafts

MS / GS / CP

Use your fingers, discover plants and animals with colors, papers, mosaics, glue and glitter … Be proud of the young artist you are!

Sm’art Plastic arts 

MS to 6ème

Like artists, children will test different artistic techniques. They will try oil painting on real canvases, but also charcoal, clay, glass painting etc …

Baby Gym


Gymnastics: jumping, running, crawling, rolling … General development of the child’s motor, emotional and cognitive abilities.

Ball Game


Sports activities for children with a ball. Throw, catch, shoot, control the ball and your body movements.

Singing and choir

CP to 1ère

A unique opportunity to be able to sing freely, solo or in a group and to harmonize your voice. You will learn vocal techniques, relaxation techniques, improve your accuracy, your tone, your breath.

Chinese for primary school students, “Chin China”

CP to CM2

Learn the basics of the Chinese language with fun and fun classes! For one hour, students learn about the language but also about Chinese culture.


CE2, CM2

Make accessories by yourself. You will learn different sewing techniques while producing kits of all kinds, passport covers, small bags …


CP to CM2

Who has never wanted to become a great chef? The little cooks will prepare pastries and various sweets that they will taste on site or bring home to dazzle their parents.

Ground gymnastics

CP to CE1

Practical gymnastics on the floor, acrobatics, choregraphy …

The Frenchies


For non-french students of MS and GS who want even more French! We will gather to play games, and only games about the French language. An activity to gain more confidence, thanks to board games where you can even beat the mistress!

Nature and discovery


100% nature! Through various activities such as gardening, observation, drawing and DIY, children will become aware of their environment thanks to their 5 senses and their curiosity!

Preschool yoga


Children learn a lot through movement and action. Yoga is a great way for them to develop important skills in a fun and noncompetitive way. Classes combine themes, postures, songs, games, stories, meditation and relaxation for children to learn in a multi-sensory environment.

Zumba and zumba Bollywood

CP to CM2

Move! Learn to dance on a choreography and to move within a group.