Tips for a sweet start

Tips and practical information

for a sweet start …


Your child is now enrolled in kindergarten at LFIR. We are delighted.

We are committed to offering you the best welcome for you and your

To help you prepare for this start, we offer in this document some tips that
you can adapt to your own pace and your own choices.



Ü To allow the comfort and autonomy of the child at school:



By dressing rather the child with soft clothes, he
will be more comfortable.

Slippers that hold your feet well will provide more
safety for the sport.

Garments that the child can, as much as possible, put
on and take off alone (for example, shoes with scratches …) can help him to be more autonomous.


Tip : Remember to write the child’s name on the clothes can avoid


Ü To facilitate the transition from family to school:



It is also possible, before going to school, to gradually let the
pacifiers and / or the blanket at home (for example, we can try at certain times that we choose to reserve them only for the night if the child still needs it …).

Making the trip to school 2 or 3 times before school can be
interesting and reassuring for the child.

You can talk about the school with simple words that we can
choose  (for example, we can tell him or she will to make friends and that it will go well, that activities will be proposed to him: games, dance, music, painting …).

Tip : if your child still needs his pacifier or his blanket in the beginning,

we can put them in a bag that can be put down to the
coat rack to be accessible if necessary



Ü To enable children to make the most of school:


You can offer your child a breakfast of your
choice that seems complete (eg with cereal-based foods that can give him or her the necessary energy …).

You can also begin to give a rhythm that you
choose to the child a few days before the start (for example, to put the child in his own bed if it is possible, to try to bring him to sleep not too late…).


Tip : what can allow your child to find his balance is to be able, when
possible, a regular rhythm with fairly stable benchmarks.



 What is important to remember :



It is interesting that this entrance to school can
be done smoothly and at the pace of the child …

If he feels that you are too worried, maybe he’ll
be a little too worried. It does not matter if he arrives with his

comforter or even if he or she is not quite clean
the first days …

Being with others at school will make him/her
grow and everything will be fine!



And above all, for any questions or concerns,
do not hesitate to contact the teachers. We will look for and choose together solutions (for example a layout of school time …).