The school

The school

Welcome to the French International School!

« Give your children a chance to attend a school of excellence and study both in French and English! »


The French International School of Yangon (LFIR) has been a member of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) since the beginning of 2016. Teaching is done in French and English. Myanmar language classes are also offered as well as Spanish. The school, because of its history and tradition is a meeting place for linguistic and cultural exchanges. It welcomes students of all nationalities, from the kindergarten to high school. It aims to encourage personal fulfilment, to develop independence and critical spirit, to give student a taste of effort and competition, all combined in group work and in the respect of each other. Teaching is done according to the French curriculum.

he French International School of Yangon now welcomes a new kindergarten section (K1, K2, K3) in September 2017. Enrollment is open to children of all nationalities including non-French speakers, from 3 to 6 years old. Studies can then be pursued in French and English, in primary and secondary school and then in College until the French Baccalauréat, which is a gateway to the best schools and universities in France, Europe and the world.


The Kindergarten level (maternelle) allows your children to:

– learn French and English and use languages in all their dimensions,

– express themselves, interact with and understand their environment through physical and artistic activities both in French and English,

– learn to structure their thinking,

– explore the world.

This period in the children’s life is unique to learn how to « live together » and structure themselves within a group. The kindergarten curriculum will also prepare your children to succeed in primary school and equip them with excellent reading and writing competences, which are key to academic success. In addition, your children will master French and English and will be bilingual when they reach primary school.


The French International School is located in the heart of Bahan Township and offers children modern infrastructures, small classes and teachers trained in France. All teachers are assisted by a teaching assistant.


Our school belongs to the network of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), the largest education network in the world, linking 495 schools like ours everywhere in the world. The existence of such a network allows parents and children to move abroad in the best conditions. It is also a guarantee of excellence under the French Ministry of Education and Europe, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tuition fees are among the lowest in comparison to those applied by other international schools in Yangon.


The French International School of Yangon is supported by the French Embassy in Myanmar.

  • Read the Education Guiding Principles document (available in French) here as approved during the first Teaching Council on November 2017.
  • Read the rules and regulations (available in French) here.

One year after its opening, the LFIR continues to progress and launches new projects!

In this second year The French International School of Yangon (LFIR), in partnership with AEFE, has doubled its attendance. We currently have 133 students.
The successful opening of our kindergarten (Grande Section, 5 years old) last year has allowed us to go further this year opening our doors to students in Nursery (Petite Section, 3 years old) and Pre-K (Moyenne Section, 4 years old). And now we opened our TPS, for 2 year olds.
All children from 2 to 5 years old are now welcome. And no prior knowledge of French is needed.


But, it is not only the little ones who give us energy. It’s also the older students who push us to move forward. That’s why we decided to start 10th Grade in September 2018. An actual class in « direct education » that will allow our current 9th graders to continue their schooling at high school level.

If you are curious to see our French model, push open the door, we welcome visitors daily. See you soon.


Enrolment for the school year 2018-2019

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