Teachers and personnel


Christophe CASSIN



My career began in the industrial sector as an Engineering Science Specialist.  Having spent 15 years teaching in secondary school, during which time I advanced to Project Manager/Head Teacher/Department Head, I then went on to teach at the University of Toulon. There I taught in IUT and the School of Engineers on subjects such as mechanical design, structural engineering and rapid prototyping. Taking charge of relations with the University of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, I was then brought on to be Deputy Headmaster of the French School of Kuala Lumpur for 2 years…..and now, almost 2 years, at the LFIR for a new adventure…..with you.


Over 90 percent of the lessons taught in our establishment are carried out by qualified french national school teachers. Our qualified primary and secondary teachers are recruited through the CRPE and CAPES competitive processes respectively. Recruitment is carried out in France and teachers have direct ties to the National Ministry of Education.

In Pre-school


Pre-school teacher


Newly arrived to Myanmar, I am already deeply committed to the opening of the pre-school section of the school. Getting to know the pre-schoolers, noting its multi-level structure, has enabled the children to ease into their schooling in an environment that is bilingual and dynamic!


Pre-school teacher


More than 15 years living as an expat, in Europe, Africa and now more than 3 years in Asia, I worked two years at the Cahiers Dorés in Yangon, to awaken the very young kids into the school world.
This year I joined the dynamic team of LFIR to accompany the Smallest in school.


Pre-school assistant


I am Vietnamese. After having lived in North and South Vietnam, Morocco and France, I now live in Yangon with my family for the past four years. I like to cooking, traveling and kids. I thoroughly enjoy looking after the children in Nursery and Reception classes of the Nursery Section this year!

Saung Pwint Yee Myint Naing

Pre-school assistant


I am a Burmese. I speak Burmese, English and French. I studied french language at the university of foreign languages. I am patient with children. I am happy to be a part of LFIR.

En élémentaire


Teacher CP


After having taught for many years in France, from pre-school to grade 9, I wanted to go on an adventure. After the splendors of Africa, it has been Asia. And to join business with pleasure, I continued this job that I love on the other side of the world. It is now at LFIR that a new challenge has been proposed to me, and I am particularly pleased to participate.


Thomas Gabard

Teacher CE1


After having worked as a socio-cultural facilitator for various audiences in the Paris region, I decided to go into teaching. After getting my degree, I taught in different schools in CP – CE2 classes.

It is with joy that I join the entire LFIR team!


Teacher CE2




Boris VALENTIN, Enseignant CM1


Originally from the Bassin d’Arcachon I studied sports before getting the school teacher’s degree. I taught a diverse  audience, from kindergarten to segpa. It is with joy that I come to teach in Burma.


Jeremy LE DU, Enseignant CM2


Former astronomer, now a school teacher, I taught a few years in Toulouse with a diverse public. After practicing in Finland last year, I am particularly pleased to experience this new experience at LFIR.


Pour les langues

Joanna HOOVER, Enseignante Anglais


Coming from a Franco-American family, I grew up in France in Tours. After studying literature, I got the school teacher’s degree and taught a diverse audience: allophone students, students with disabilities, SEGPA in college … before arriving with joy at the LFIR!

« With her, in English it will happen! »

Ghislain KERHINO

Professeur d’anglais.

Il enseigne en CE2, CM1 et CM2 et dans toutes les classes de secondaire.


After studying literature and English civilization and long journeys on Irish, American and British soil, I taught English in college for three years. I am delighted to be part of the construction of our new high school by passing on to my students my passion for the English language and my love for the cinema.

Guillaume D’AGARO

Professeur d’anglais.


Specialized in Education International Baccalaureate (differentiated pedagogy), I spent my last 5 years in Alexandria in Egypt as a school teacher and coordinator of the French section at GEMS Academy Alexandria. On a more personal level, I am passionate about art, foreign languages and sports.


Professeur d’anglais.


The native English Speaker! Before moving to SE Asia I worked as a theatre producer in London and Oxford, specialising in Shakespeare. Since arriving in Myanmar I have managed theatre education projects, on which I gave a TED talk in May 201. I have two boys at the school (in PS and CP) and I speak French like a child!
When not teaching children about English I teach adults about whisky.

Thazin PHOO

Professeur de birman


I am specialized in teaching languages, I started instructing the language and culture of myanmar to the students of LFIR in 2016. My dream is to initiate children in the art of creativity and to cultivate a good grasp of the concept of languages. I’m devoted to assisting children in whatever they need in order for them to have success in achieving a good education now and in the future.

En collège

Le secrétariat du LFIR est ouvert tous les jours de 8h à 16h.

Contacts :

Portable : 09 45 74 99 063

Email : secretaire@lfir.org

Marie-Laure ABEL

Secrétaire de direction




Stéphanie Thomas

Responsable administrative et financière





Sarah Zin May Oo

Secrétaire assistante





Florent Palue





En collège

Julien ARIZA

Professeur d’espagnol




Anne France BARREIRA

Professeur d’histoire-géographie, éducation morale et civique, français (sixième), latin


Amoureuse des mots, du style et de l’esprit, je suis juriste de formation. J’ai étudié le Droit et les Sciences Politiques à Nancy, puis les Sciences Criminelles à l’Université de Toulouse 1 Capitole au travers d’un Mastère. Cette fabuleuse aventure qu’est la vie d’expatriés m’a offert l’opportunité d’enseigner auprès d’un public varié : collège, lycée et diverses classes de maternelle. Je me suis rapidement passionnée pour ce métier, humainement très enrichissant. Je suis aujourd’hui ravie d’avoir intégré cette équipe chevronnée au LFIR et de pouvoir transmettre aux collégiens les outils nécessaires à la compréhension du monde contemporain.


Professeur de SVT


Installée en Birmanie depuis 2015, j’ai intégré l’équipe du LFIR en tant que professeur de SVT au collège à la rentrée 2016. L’aventure est passionnante, pleine de projets et de découvertes, enthousiasmante pour les années à venir!


Joanna HOOVER, Enseignante Anglais





Marie-Laure ABEL

Professeur d’arts plastiques


Depuis 2008 au Myanmar, Marie-Laure s’est investie dans l’école en tant que professeur d’arts plastiques, d’histoire des arts, et de diverses matières. Tout en continuant de donner des cours d’art au collège, sa tache principale est aujourd’hui assistante de Direction. Sa formation en école de commerce, son experience professionnelle d’attachée de presse, et son ouverture internationale l’ont enrichie de nombreuses compétences qu’elle met à profit au sein de l’école.


Professeur de Maths, sciences et technologie


Graduated in Science and Technology, holder of National Education, I taught in the Paris region and Guadeloupe.
I arrive with the desire to continue the adventure of LFIR and share my enthusiasm for new technologies and robotics.



Professeur de Français, Histoire/géo


Graduated in Medieval History and Art History, holder of National Education, I already teach for 15 years at high school and college, with passion and kindness. I am delighted to join the LFIR team this year and to participate in the development of French education in Burma!

Carine DUPUY

Professeur de mathématiques