The newsletters

Every two weeks, the school publishes its Newsletter to the parents.

Discover this publication by downloading the latest editions below.

Newsletter of January 31 2020

A week of smiles and discovery at Ngwe Saung

Newsletter of January 17 2020

Happy new year!

Newsletter of December 6 2019

Come celebrate Christmas at the school!

Newsletter of November 22 2019

Check out the first sketches of the new Primary school campus!

Newsletter of November 8 2019

2020 : LFIR will host “Ambassadeurs en Herbe”

Newsletter of October 11 2019

With the results of the elections of representatives to the School Council

Newsletter of September 27 2019

Nothing better than a welcome drink under the stars on our new campus to celebrate the beginning of a new school year!

Newsletter of June 21 2019

Thank you for this wonderful end of year party!

Newsletter of June 7 2019

The school party is coming soon!

Newsletter of May 25 2019

The new school campus for 2020 is on the way!

Newsletter of May 10 2019

The school year is over soon!

Newsletter of April 5 2019

A new campus for the school?

Newsletter of March 21 2019

Class pictures available soon!

Newsletter of March 8 2019

Good luck to our Ambassadeurs en Herbe

Newsletter of February 1 2019

A new logo for the school

Newsletter of January 11 2019

Thank you for this magical Christmas party!