The LFIR Association and the management committee

The LFIR Association was created on 10 January 2014 in Yangon. It works in close collaboration with the LFIR management team. It is the employer of most of the LFIR personnel. Its members were elected during the General Assembly.

Contact the LFIR Association at the following address:

A word from the LFIR Association for 2019-2020:


A new school year is coming to an end, and several important modernization projects of our school are on the way. Last June 10, the annual general assembly was the occasion to introduce to the parents the main achievements of the past year and the upcoming projects.

The APER became LFIR Association, following Burmese law, but keeping a management process similar to the previous one. The cycle 4 of our school is waiting for certification, thanks to the amazing work done by the entire educational and administrative team. The implementation of new process, such as new authorities, a communication team more present, the evolution of relations with the French Embassy and the school’s board, allows us to improve our professionalization.

Moreover, the school found its new campus, bigger, more modern and better equipped. The high school students visited it on Wednesday and will move at the beginning of the next school year.

The general assembly also allowed a partial renewal of the board, which now welcomes U Naing Oke, U Tin Maung (not on the picture), and Roland Coulon. New skills for the board, with the arrival of two Burmese nationals, which shows the will of the school to always be more open and committed to our future students.

The LFIR Association wishes you a great holiday and will see you in September, for a new year filled with new projects.