Ambassadeurs en Herbe 2021 edition is coming

The network’s most famous oratorical jousting competition is preparing for its 2021 edition, with some new features to adapt to the particular context. The heart of the competition remains the same: exchange and debate between students, around worked or spontaneous themes, and meetings around the world!

The theme “Citizens: equal and united”, proposed for the 2021 edition of Ambassadeurs en Herbe, is an extension of the recent Week of French International schools of the world, which highlighted the humanist values ​​founding the French education model.

The context of the pandemic crisis and the necessary restrictions on travel and assembly naturally lead the AEFE to modify the rules of the game for the competition which, each year, mobilizes a large number of establishments in the global school network. While maintaining a very high level of mobilization, by allowing as many students as possible, from CM1 to Terminale, to benefit from the virtues of public speaking, Ambassadeurs en Herbe is evolving to adapt to the health situation.

A real focus is put on the “Schools” finals, which can be held in various ways, while the “Country” finals are not maintained.

Video and videoconferencing tools will be used for the “Zone” finals and the international finals.

The usual team format of five students selected by school, then by zone, is not imposed.

The students participating in the tournament all have the role of speaker.

The individual speaking exercises are more varied: presentation in the language of the host country, then translated briefly into French, then, as desired, presentation of point of view, reading of text aloud or verbal improvisation.

Collective speaking exercises – exchanges in the form of a conversation or in the form of an opposition debate – may be offered depending on local possibilities.

Four “categories” are provided:

  • cycle 3 (CM1-CM2-6e)
  • cycle 4 (5e, 4e, 3e)
  • High school (2de, 1re, terminale)
  • collective (international or same level)

The whole team and students are in a hurry to see this new edition getting ready!

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