Language management and French as Foreign Language

1 | French and English as teaching languages


Teaching is two-thirds in French, and one-third in English. The bilingualism of students being a goal for each end of schooling year, the courses are adapted to an international audience, with a particular monitoring device in each class (see in particular the section on FFL below).

2 | Other languages taught in class:


Burmese as well as Spanish or German are taught to students according to the following distribution:

Language taught Hours per week Students concerned
Burmese 1h All classes
Spanish 2h30 Starting from 5ème
German 2h30 Starting from 5ème


In addition to this direct instruction, students can learn another language independently through the CNED. More information on

All of our students can also take a Cambridge-certified language training course (more information by clicking here),and a DELF certification for non-french speakers
(click here to learn more about this).

3 | The FLE


The French as a Foreign Language (FLE) / French Language Schooling System (FLSco) has been set up to accommodate children with little or no French at the French International School. It is intended primarily for students who have little or no knowledge of French, but also for those who are still learning the language and who need to consolidate their skills. This instruction gives students access to the basic learning required at school. The learning is done in a small group, giving priority to the oral and allowing students to approach French with confidence.

This device is adapted to the specific needs and profile of the child. After an analysis of the child’s French level, the child is placed in a small group to facilitate learning and speaking. The courses are individualized and adapted to the path of each child, in connection with the class and the teacher of reference. Thus, the teaching of FLE / FLSco is intensive and daily for beginners, and is carried out as needed at a more advanced level. Teaching hours are reduced throughout the school year.