LFIR is preparing the reopening of the school with the MOFA

Monday 31st August 2020: Back to School!

A tailor-made return to school

At the time of writing, no school, Burmese or international, has obtained authorization to re-open their primary school (pre-school and elementary). As such, LFIR plans to start the year for pre-school and elementary through distance schooling. Requests have of course been made to open the Primary campus as early as possible, but we do not expect authorization before mid-September.

On the other hand, high-school (‘collège and lycée’) students are scheduled to start school in person, following the government evaluation visits. Classes will take place either in “classic” face-to-face or in live Visio. Around 1/3 of the hours of teaching will take place with teachers present, 1/3 with teachers in live VISIO, and 1/3 in work guided by a colleague in “support” of the subject teacher, who remains in control of all the sessions.

Pupils who have not yet returned to Myanmar, or who are in quarantine, will therefore all be supervised by their subject teacher and will be able to participate in the live VISIO sessions.

A well-crafted health protocol

To open on August 31, two joint inspections by the Ministry of Health and Sports, the Ministry of Education, and the General Administration Department need to be validated. LFIR has relied on official guidelines to prepare the document that summarizes the school health protocol. The technical and medical aspects are established according to the requirements of the authorities and have been approved by the medical partners of LFIR and with the support of the French Embassy.

LFIR has invested in the equipment necessary for the proper application of this protocol, such as contactless sinks and social distancing of 1.82 m / 6 feet between students in all spaces of the two campuses, thus allowing us to welcome all students during regular school hours.

A brand new Primary Campus

We confirm with great pleasure that the new Primary Campus will be ready to open as planned from 31st August, pending permission from the authorities to open. The building will continue to be enlarged during the months of September and October so as to accommodate more classes in the years to come, which is key to the future of LFIR.

We are here!

The secretariat has been open since Monday August 17 in order to be able to respond to your requests. The whole team is mobilized to make this return to school a success. The second scholarship application campaign (or reassessment of your situation) is open for French nationals and we still have a Solidarity Fund that we can activate at any time and which is open to all LFIR families. Don’t hesitate to ask for information.

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