New campus for 2019-2021

Ideally located at the heart of Yangon, the brand new campuses of the LFIR are larger, greener, and equipped with high standard education and sports facilities. Check out the evolution of this long term construction project above.

This new campus was designed with the help and support of our partners.

Check out the latest news from this ambitious project below.

December 15 2020 – The primary school is receiving the final touch to its makeover! The school is ready to welcome its students, and we are currently waiting for the approval of the government. Check out the latest pictures of this new campus in our latest news section.

November 20 2020 – All the Primary school furniture previously stored on the middle/high school campus has been moved! The classrooms are filling up and students and teachers alike are eager to use their brand new equipment.

November 13 2020 – The LFIR administration has officially moved to the new Primary campus at 6, Ou Yin Street! Find the secretariat, financial and administrative department and reception during normal opening hours. The School Life department is well established on the neighboring Secondary school campus, at 2, Ou Yin Street.

August 27 2020 – The last touches of color are painted on the walls of the main building, and the moving will be finished soon. Like every other primary schools in the country, LFIR cannot open its doors to welcome students inside yet. But our teams stay ready to welcome them as soon as possible.

June 26 2020 – As the school prepares to close its doors for the summer holidays, the construction of the primary school is progressing well. Find the latest photos in our news section.

June 15 2020 – The LFIR said goodbye to the Inya Myaing campus, and settled on the high school site while awaiting the opening of the primary school campus in August. The administrative and financial services have unpacked their boxes in the villa at 2, Ou Yin Street, where you can meet them during the usual opening hours.

April 29 2020 – Inya Myaing’s premises are in the process of moving to their new Ou Yin Street site. Initially, certain classes will be reinstalled on the Secondary school campus, in order to accommodate a few students still present in Rangoon and to support them in distance education, if we manage to get the authorization from the authorities. In the event that the school reopens in June, Primary and Secondary school students will be able to follow their courses on the Secondary school campus, and return to their classrooms.

January 6, 2020 – The plans for the new primary campus, which will be inaugurated for the 2020-2021 school year, are getting more and more detailed. They were revealed to parents of students during the “Galette des rois” meeting after Christmas, and will continue to be refined in the following weeks. First pictures of the construction site coming soon!

1st September 2019 – A beautiful clearing is the opportunity to take the first photographs of our new campus for high school students. The football field is now complete and hosts sports training all week.

The construction and development of the second campus, which will receive Primary students in a few months, is underway!

29 august 2019 – In a few days, the LFIR will be equipped with a 44m x 22m football field, and therefore able to host tournaments and competitions in our brand new campus for high school students. The construction is advancing even at night!

28 august 2019 – The new school year on the new campus of Ou Yin Street started well, and our brand new premises now host high school students!

22 august 2019 – Good news about the progress of the construction on the new campus! The land of high school students will be ready to welcome them next Tuesday. Only the football field should take about ten extra days. The move from the IFB is underway. This year (as last year) we will have two campuses: one for primary school students (Inya Myaing Campus) and one for high school students (Oo Yin Street Campus). The two sites will now be much closer, in a calm and pleasant environment. A shuttle system will be put in place to ensure transportation between the school site and the college / high school (with priority for families with children on both sites).

June 15 2019 – The first sketches of the new campus are released at the end of the school year. They will be adjusted throughout the summer, while work on the site begins.

May 02 2019 – The Burmese authorities officially handed over the keys to the site of Ou Yin Street, in the presence of the Ambassador of France.

The new campuses offer magnificent gardens and two large character houses in one of the most enjoyable neighborhoods of Yangon. These easy-to-reach locations will allow students from the Kindergarten to High School to have a new campus. educational and sports facilities, for an ever more complete and innovative teaching of excellence.

April 10 2019 – The land lease contract was signed on April 10, 2019 in Nay Pyi Taw by the President of the Parents Association of Students (Association LFIR), Anne-Hélène Roignan, and the Director General of the Ministry of Construction Mr. Min Htein, in the presence of the Head of School, Mr. Boris Colin, and the Ambassador of France in Myanmar, Christian Lechervy.