Throughout school, LFIR students are advised by a teaching team about their orientation project. Training courses are regularly offered to teaching teams under the AEFE mentorship. Students are thus given the best work environment and orientation possibilities.

Starting from the 2nde, 54 hours per year of personalized orientation assistance are offered by the CPE and the Head of school.

The Agora website, under the supervision of the AEFE, is a platform which enables high schools and young alumni of French International schools from around the world to get in touch. They can thus discuss their post-baccalaureate orientation projects.

Students in 3ème have their first experience in the professional world thanks to the compulsory one-week internship in a local company.

The baccalaureate diploma obtained by the students of Terminale at the end of the year has the same value as a baccalaureate obtained in France, which ensures students access to the best universities, schools or institutes in France and abroad .