Partners and sponsors

Our partners

The French Agency for Education Abroad (AEFE)

Partner of LFIR since October 17 2016. As a national public establishment placed under the supervision of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the AEFE takes into account the welcoming capacities of the schools, it ensures public service missions related to education for French children residing outside of France and contributes to the influence of the French language and culture as well as to the strengthening of relations between French and foreign education systems. The main objective of the AEFE is to serve and promote a school network that is unique in the world, formed at the start of the 2020 school year with 535 schools located in 139 countries.

The French Embassy in Myanmar

The French Embassy in Myanmar actively supports and encourages the development of the LFIR. The Embassy offers its services to some 900 French nationals in the country (2018 figures), and acts on the fronts of cooperation, political and economic relations, and the promotion of French values ​​in Myanmar.

The National Center for Remote Learning (CNED)

The CNED supports the LFIR in setting up first-class education, and offers students starting from 6ème the opportunity to add additional skills to their regular school program. As the leading operator of lifelong remote training in Europe and the French-speaking world, CNED is aimed at all audiences, whether they live in France or abroad, whatever their nationality. It offers them the possibility of following French school or higher education remotely and online, as well as initial or professional training. The establishment actively participates in European and international cooperation for the development of remote learning.


This platform allows high schools and young alumni of French high schools around the world to get in touch in order to discuss post-baccalaureate orientation projects and the ADN-AEFE school exchange program. This program allows second-year students from French schools in the world and France to do a school exchange in another establishment of the AEFE network or in France. Among the other tools available, the Orientation Forum connects high school students and young alumni of French schools in the world in order to discuss topics related to guidance and student life. Subscribers also benefit from the possibility of putting in favorites the subjects which they wish to follow – school, university, discussion on a forum… -, which will appear in priority with each connection. Many videos of testimonials from high school pupils and students of the network are available, and allow to discover the path of young alumni as well as the daily life of high school students in ADN-AEFE school exchanges.

AGS Worldwide Movers

Official sponsor of the LFIR for its sports activities and major events. AGS offers its customers its skills in moving, international travel and storage solutions.

Bouygues Construction

Supports the LFIR with advice and loan of materials during the different construction phases of our new campuses, inaugurated in 2019 and 2020. As a global player in the construction industry present in 60 countries, Bouygues Construction designs, implements and operates projects in the building, infrastructure and industrial sectors.

Inya Lake Hotel

For the loan of its magnificent swimming pool to our students, and for its support for major LFIR events, as Ambassadeurs en Herbe. The Inya Lake Hotel offers a historic haven of greenery in the heart of Yangon.

Le Petit Journal de Birmanie

Provides the LFIR with quality media coverage among the French-speaking population. Le Petit Journal is an international franchise that keeps French-speaking expatriate communities informed of current events in their host country.