Remote learning, week 2!

LFIR teachers and students have picked up the pace and are now increasing the number of videochats, calls and online exchanges. The many tools at our disposal (social networks, Zoom, Skype, Google Drive, emails …) and the ever richer resources (online courses, audio books, feedback, lists of workshops and activities. ..) greatly facilitate the organization during this delicate period.

Spanish teacher Maria-Jose Fraile conducted her first exam via Pronote last week with all her students via videocall. The FLE lessons are done individually by Whatsapp or Skype, which allows the student to take his time and receive precious help.

Sports and relaxation lessons, recorded by Adam Bowen, EPS teacher, and Helena Cardona, English teacher, are broadcast regularly to students. The newsletter, which is now issued weekly, compiles all these resources and good practices and is accompanied by suggestions for activities to be done alone or with the family at home, to complete the lessons or to relax.

The call center, launched last week, allows parents to share their experience, good or bad, with home schooling. Thus, teachers can adjust their organization to facilitate learning for everyone.

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