School fees

The school fees are administrative fees at the first registration, annual registration fees and schooling fees.

The administrative fees at the first registration of a child are due at the first registration, or when at a re-enrolment process following a student leaving.

The annual registration fees are to be paid each year. The registration fees for national exams for the 3ème, 1ère and Terminale students are included.

The schooling fees are covering all the school’s operating costs.


Download the financial regulations here.

*The “personal” rate applies to families who do not receive a contribution from their employers or a contribution of less than or equal to USD 3 000 (USD 1 900 in the sole case of 1st year of kindergarten school). A sworn statement from the employer will be required. In all other cases, the “Employer Participation” rate will be applied.

** Partial or total coverage by an employer or organization.

For any question related to student grants, you can ask the French Embassy consulate on their website. Don’t hesitate to write to the secretariat for any other procedure related to registration at