School planning

The annual schedule and weekly rhythm of the school are regulated by the Ministry of Education and the AEFE. The calendar is adopted each year by the board of directors. It is divided into periods of 6 to 7 weeks of classes punctuated by two-week school holidays.


Calendar for 2021-2022

Students are welcomed from Monday to Friday. The school gates open at 7.45am and classes follow this agenda:

Class Morning welcome Beginning of classes End of classes Please note


7.45am 8am 2.15pm Mon. Tue. Thur. Fri.

11.45am on Wed.

Parents are allowed to enter and pick up their children at the exit of classes
From CP to CM2 7.45am 8am 2.30pm on Mon. Tue. Wed. Fri.

12pm on Wed.

Middle / High school 7.45am at LFIR 8am 4am on Mon. Tue. Wed. Fri.

12pm on Wed.

Parents drop off their children between 7.45am and 8am

For parents wishing to come and pick up their child at the end of the sports training, please do not enter the field until 15 minutes before the end, so as not to disrupt the training.

If your child cannot attend class, please contact the Secretariat or write an email to