Specific support

Special support programs


PPRE (Personalized Educational Success Program) are set up at school, for certain students in difficulty or for whom it is necessary to adapt the educational content.

A document concerning the “PAI” (Individualized Welcome Project) is to be completed by the parents if the child suffers from asthma, a particular allergy, or needs a specific medical treatment which needs to be communicated to the establishment.

Finally, the “PAP” (Personalized Support Plan) is a plan signed by the parents and the teaching team which determines necessary adaptations when your child is dyslexic, etc.. This concerns all of what we call “learning disabilities”. It is often a speech therapy assessment that allows us to have concrete elements to best adapt.

Psychological support

The LFIR is in contact with a bilingual French / English psychologist who practices, among other things, “play therapy”: Wailee Kui. She can help children in many cases. She works in Yangon. Do not hesitate to ask the secretariat for her contact details.

The “Psy Expat” network was also recommended by the parents’ community:

http://www.reseau-psyexpat.com/. They can work remotely, by video.

Other good feedback concerns Marble Psychological Service (English speaking): https://www.marble-psychology.com/