Sports clubs

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Since the 2019-2020 school year, students can join a football, athletics or basketball team, and take a weekly training to prepare them for inter-school competitions in Rangoon and the Asia-Pacific zone, throughout the year.

All ages, from CP, and all levels are accepted, you just need to be motivated!

The training sessions take place twice a week, with session of 1h30, or three times a week, with 1 hour sessions. They are scheduled so that it is possible for the child to register for the three clubs at the same time. A sports pack is offered at every registration, with a sports outfit, a bag, a water bottle, and a cap!

Each player receives a specific uniform, to present a united front with the colors of the LFIR. Students will wear this uniform at each outdoor meeting, but it is optional for training. Several clubs are planned at the beginning of the year to adapt to each age group, but places remain limited.

Do not hesitate to register to book a spot for your child for this year, or at the beginning of the next school year!

Jan Boye, sports teacher and manager of the sports clubs


“A regular activity practiced during childhood is likely to be pursued all your life.

If the school curriculum offers a wide range of physical activities, sports clubs allow students to specialize in one or several sports.

Sports clubs are a real opportunity to assert oneself and choose a particular sport.

When committing in the long term, participants develop their mental and physical skills while belonging to a group, a team.

Taking part in sports clubs as a trainer is above all a question of sharing. Behind each sports enthusiast, whether you are a coach or an instructor, there’s quite often a student who once started his passion in a sports club.”