The CM2 teachers for the CP and CE1 students!

A word from the CM2

“In class, we do writing workshops, we learned to create” suitcase words “with animal names, the last syllable of the first word must be the same as the first syllable of the second word. It’s difficult because you really have to find the same syllable.

But the syllable can be written differently. For each animal-suitcase, we have written a definition. The drawings were sometimes strange!

This year, we make referrals with CP and CE1. The teacher told us we were going to be the teachers … for an hour! We posted our creations and let the children react. They did not understand right away how to make suitcases words. We all presented our work with a strong emphasis on words. Two children were asked to write cow and horse on the board. And they finally understood. Then, they were helped to invent their own suitcases words, to write the definition. Books had been brought on animals so that they could have models for drawing.

We will soon make an exhibition out of these suitcases animals!

Here are some comments from the students of CP and CE1: It was great, amazing!

Valentina: “I really like drawing with my girlfriend in CM2, I do not know what her name is, but she is very nice!

Noah: “I liked drawing, coloring and doing all the work with Ines

Josselin: “With Kitikun, we made a dinosaurenard, it was great!

Mila: “I was with Valentine, I was writing and she was checking what I was doing.

Vanessa: “I made a tigrenouille and I love to color the animal!

Naomi: “I liked coloring with the CM2.

Alice: “I made a horse, it was funny. ” Keoni: “We worked well!

Leo: “I do not know who I worked with anymore, but I remember that we found the chanaconda as an animal.

Mina: “Thank you CM2 for the drawings you made.

Louis: “I liked to draw my pet-suitcase, I say thank you to CM2.

Yaelle: “I liked it, it was original. Thank you, thank you I loved it!

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