The LFIR Association and the management committee


1 | What is LFIR Association?


It’s the association of student’s parents at LFIR.

2 | What is the aim of the LFIR association?


The main mission of the Association is to carry out the vast development project of the Lycée Français International de Rangoun. As such, it manages it, recruits the teaching team as a whole and provides this team with the means to work in optimal conditions. The LFIR Association is also working on a day-to-day basis on plans to extend this school, which is set to grow.


3 | What are the responsibilities of the LFIR Association with regard to the school program?


As with all French schools, the school program is determined by the French Ministry of Education. In addition, the LFIR Association, in consultation with the educational team, supervises the conduct of educational projects, in particular with regard to the promotion of multi-language education.


4 | What are the LFIR responsibilities?


The main mission of the LFIR is to provide education and content to students, whom they follow day by day in their progress.


5 | Are all French schools abroad also under this parental management system?


No. There are several scenarios, such as, for example, in addition to parental management, management provided by a recruited and paid team. Until June 2016, the LFIR was a business school created by the TOTAL company.


6 | How to become a member of the LFIR association?


As soon as your child is registered with the LFIR, you, as parents, automatically become members of the LFIR Association.


7 | Who manages the LFIR association?

The Association is managed by a committee and a board whose members are elected from among the parents of LFIR students.


8 | Are members of the LFIR Association board remunerated?


No, they are volunteers.


9 | How to become a member of the board of the Association LFIR?


Any parent of a LFIR student can become a member of the LFIR Association board. Anyone wishing to devote their time and skills for the benefit of the students, the school and their future can simply get in touch with one of the members of the board. The election of members of the new board usually takes place in May, when the Annual General Meeting is held. This meeting is also an opportunity to present the financial statement and to discuss among parents the situation and future plans of the LFIR.


10 | Is LFIR like a school in France?


The LFIR follows the same programs as a school in France. Its local specificities are a minimum of eight hours of English per week, daily exposure to Burmese culture, a low number of students per class, which allows for more personalized and flexible teaching, according to the needs of each student.


11 | Does the LFIR benefit from the support of the French government?


In addition to the school programs developed and defined by the French Ministry of Education, France, through its embassy in Myanmar, stands alongside the LFIR and closely follows its development. If necessary, it provides its expertise and advice and also facilitates certain procedures with the Burmese authorities, as well as the recruitment of certain teachers.


12 | Our mission and vision


Our mission: To maintain the best possible environment, as well as the appropriate resources for the optimal functioning of our school.

The educational project and the school’s operating rules are the result of consultation between the teaching team and the parents of the students.

Our future prospects: given the constant increase in the number of students in the years to come, we must stay the course by prioritizing the quality of courses and the excellence of teachers.

A few words from the Board of the LFIR Association 2021/2022

As parents directly involved in the LFIR management, we feel deeply grateful towards the team that has been working hard over the whole summer to prepare the new campus and has been able to respond to all the requests of the Myanmar government in terms of equipment and safety, notably in the Covid-19 context.
We are confident that this ‘special’ year will only perpetuate the LFIR excellence both in teaching and in conviviality in the interests of our children and their families.
On behalf of the Association, we hope to live up to the trust of those who elected us. We are in close contact with the French Embassy and are working together to ensure that everyone has a great school year.
We look forward to seeing you again soon.

13 | What is the management committee?


The LFIR is a school managed by parents. The LFIR Association is managed by a committee and an office, whose members are elected from among the parents of LFIR students. The management committee consists of making the right decisions for the school, recruiting the teaching team and providing the means to work in optimal conditions.


The management committee’s members are:

Valérie Legueux, Head of LFIR
Alexandra de Preux, Manager of Financial Affairs at LFIR
Eight members of LFIR Association, including Nathalie Risteau, president
Jérôme Dubois Mercent, COCAC
Marie Keller, First Counsellor at the French Embassy in Myanmar
Jean-Marie Castel, from Total EP Management