Thanks to its diverse student community, the LFIR is a multilingual and multicultural school.
The two languages of instruction are French and English, and fluency in both languages is an objective for the school and the families.


As the vast majority of LFIR families do not speak French, most students who join the school have little to no knowledge of French. An efficient French language course is in place and students progress very quickly, with classes given both at the school and the IFB-French Institute of Myanmar. More information about our French as a Foreign Language / French for School programme is available here.


Many children already speak English when they join the school, so students are exposed to English every day through their English-speaking friends. Children also learn (and continue to learn) English in several ways :

Firstly, language classes dedicated to English are taught by experienced teachers for 3 hours a week starting from preschool school, with additional hours in middle school. There is a “beginner” and “advanced” level for each age group.

In addition, some subjects (such as maths or P.E.) are taught in English for 2 hours a week, bringing the total to 5 hours in elementary school. 

English is also spoken throughout the day in class between the children and with the teachers as and when necessary, so that children who do not understand French well enough are not left behind.

Finally, extra-curricular activities are offered after class in the school campus: children can learn a variety of arts and sports, with many of these classes taught in English.


Myanmar language and culture is taught 1 hour a week to the students from the first year of preschool. A Myanmar assistant teacher (also fluent in French and English) is present in the preschool classes to help Myanmar children adapt to this new international environment gently.

The school organises celebrations for Thadingyut and Thingyan, with the Water Festival a particular highlight for the children !



Starting from secondary school (age 11-12), students learn at least one other foreign language, usually Spanish or German. Students can learn another language independently through the CNED, with support from the school (please contact the school office for more information).


LFIR teachers prepare students to take language certification tests in English (Cambridge certificates) and French (DELF Prim / Junior). More information is available here.


Do you have any questions, or would you like to book a tour of the school ?  

Please do not hesitate to call, email or message – in French, English or Myanmar.


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