The French schools network (AEFE)

The LFIR is a member of AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad), a government institution tasked with guaranteeing the provision of high-quality French education across the world. It is supervised by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is responsible for monitoring and managing the unique network of French schools abroad, which currently includes : 

As a result of this partnership, LFIR students can seamlessly move to any other school within the global AEFE network. 


As a member of AEFE, the LFIR is fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education. This accreditation assures the quality of education provided by the school and ensures that the curriculum, teaching objectives and organisational values comply with the French education system. Schools are regularly audited and required to prove that they meet accreditation criteria.


The AEFE leads an innovative teaching approach for the schools in the AEFE network, which aims to respect the French national curriculum while promoting multilingualism and remaining open to the language and culture of the host countries.

The LFIR follows this highly regarded curriculum, adapted to suit a multicultural, multilingual environment comprising mostly international students. LFIR students therefore gain the strong foundations in academic knowledge and critical thinking that French education is renowned for, while the school’s international environment offers invaluable opportunities to improve languages and intercultural skills

Children who move on to another country can very easily continue their education in a French school, and those who join another international school usually face little trouble adapting.


The school benefits from AEFE’s expertise and support in all areas, including training and recruitment : AEFE provides standards and guidance on teaching, management and multilingualism, helps with the recruitment of qualified teachers, and manages training programmes for both local and international staff.  Its auditors carry out regular inspections of the school to ensure high standards are met in management, teaching, organisation, and safety procedures. It also organises international competitions and activities, such as Ambassadeurs en Herbe (Ambassadors in the Making).

Globally, the AEFE’s main missions include : 


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