Preschool is open to children from 2 to 5 year-old (see age guidelines). Two-year-olds can usually attend in the morning only (from 8 am to 12 am) ; however, at the parent’s request and with the teacher’s consent after a test period, attendance for 2-year-olds can be extended until 2:45 pm. 


At preschool, the students learn to develop their natural skills – curiosity, collaboration, creativity. They are introduced to writing, reading, and new languages through games and experiments.

The number of students per class is limited to ensure that each child receives individual support and learns at their own pace.

Each year, students participate in cultural and sporting events and exchanges, exhibit their art, and take part in the school’s shows with their own choreography.


The day starts with rituals and responsibilities, and is organised around a routine set of activities. Throughout the day, free play and group activities encourage children to explore and learn, alone and together.

Children regularly spend time outdoors where they can enjoy a spacious playground, a play area, a garden and allotment, and improve their balance on different riding toys.

Classes run between 8 am and 2.45 pm, including a break for outdoor playtime mid-morning and a 1-hour lunch break. As in France, there is no school on Wednesday afternoons to allow for rest and activities. After-school activities are offered most days.

Weekly class time amounts to 27 hours, with the school year comprising 864 hours of teaching ; this is an approximate timetable : 


As school education is compulsory in France from the age of 3, the French National Curriculum covers all stages from the very first years of preschool.

According to this Curriculum, preschool aims to give pupils their first tools of knowledge, to prepare them for the fundamental learnings they will encounter at elementary school, and to teach them the principles by which to live in society. The focus is on sensorial, motor, cognitive and social development, as well as emotional growth.

Lessons learned at preschool are organised into five areas which work with the natural development of the child:

  • language usage
  • self-expression through physical activities
  • self-expression through artistic activities
  • development of the first tools to structure thinking
  • exploration of the environment


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