Primary school

Primary school includes 5 grades (usually from age 6 to 11, see age guidelines), corresponding to Grades 1-5 in the US education system and Year 2-6 in the UK (see equivalents here). Weekly class time amounts to 27 hours, with the school year comprising 864 hours of teaching. 

Classes run between 8 am and 2:45 pm, including a break mid-morning and a 1-hour lunch break. As in France, there is no school on Wednesday afternoons to allow for rest and activities. After-school activities are offered every day, including on Wednesday afternoons.


The school aims to promote personal development and help students improve their confidence. They are encouraged to strive for excellence, while valuing interaction and respect for all. 

According to modern teaching methods, the day is organised around a varied set of activities, with focus on active learning and collaborative work. Students learn to become independent and critical thinkers, and  are supported to gradually develop autonomy in preparation for middle school.

Physical exercise is an important part of the primary school curriculum, and regular sports classes offer a variety of physical activities. In addition, children can enjoy a spacious playground and a covered sports court during breaks.

Throughout the week, primary class times are divided between the following subjects:

  • French language : 9 hours
  • English* : 3 hours
  • Myanmar language : 1 hour
  • Mathematics: 5 hours
  • Science & Technology : 2 hours
  • History & Geography : 2 hours
  • Physical Education : 3 hours
  • Art: 2 hours


According to the French National Curriculum, the education provided at primary school ensures the acquisition of fundamental skills, such as oral and written expression, literacy, numeracy and problem solving. It also fosters intellectual development, artistic sensitivity, and sport aptitudes. 

Children also learn to understand the respect due to individuals, their origins and differences, and the need to respect children’s rights and gender equality.

The curriculum is based on the Common Core of Knowledge, Skills and Culture, which was designed to teach children the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes they need to be successful in their schooling, personal life, and life as a future active citizen. 

Taught throughout primary and secondary school, it is articulated around five domains:

Understanding and expressing oneself using four types of languages: French; foreign languages; the languages of sciences, mathematics, IT; the languages of arts and the body.

Learning to learn, alone or together: accessing information and documents; using digital tools; conducting individual and group projects; organising one’s learning.

Learning fundamental values and principles: living in society; moral and civic training; respect of personal choices and individual responsibilities.

Acquire foundations of mathematical, scientific and technical culture: scientific approach to Earth and the Universe; curiosity and observation; problem-solving skills.

Developing awareness of geographical space and historical time: understanding societies across time and space; interpreting cultural productions; acquiring knowledge of the contemporary world.


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