The French education system

Similarly to the US or UK system, the French education system consists of:

Primary education

This includes preschool and elementary school (ages 2-3 to 11). Note that in France, school education is compulsory from the age of 3, and possible from 2 year-old.

The French National Curriculum covers all levels, from preschool to the end of secondary school.

Secondary education

This includes middle school and high school (ages 11 to 18). In order to complete secondary education, students must obtain the “baccalauréat”, a diploma recognised and accepted by many Universities worldwide. The “baccalauréat” is highly regarded and known globally for its rigorous and comprehensive nature; in fact, North American Universities often grant extra credits to baccalauréat holders, worth up to a full year of study.

Higher education

This can be either vocational or academic (e.g. Universities, Business schools, engineering schools, Polytechnic institutes, etc.).

The LFIR follows the excellent French national curriculum, and its students gain the strong foundations in academic knowledge and critical thinking that French education is renowned for. In addition, the curriculum is adapted to suit the school’s multicultural, multilingual environment comprising mostly international students, so that LFIR students are offered invaluable opportunities to improve languages and intercultural skills

Children from international French schools can easily adapt to other international school curricula and join either French or international Universities after graduation. For those wishing to study in France, a variety of scholarships are available via Campus France and AEFE. 

Note that all students from AEFE schools (including the LFIR) can continue their education in any other French school anywhere in the world – there are currently 580 AEFE schools in 139 countries. 

To find out more about the specificities of each stage of the French education system, see the dedicated pages for preschool, primary school, secondary school and higher education.


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