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The LFIR – Lycée Français International de Rangoun (French International School of Yangon) is a non-profit educational institution of excellence. As a member of AEFE (“Agency for French Education Abroad”), it is fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education and is part of a network of 580 French international schools in 139 countries. The school follows the highly regarded French national curriculum, adapted to an international environment.

For the 2023-2024 school year, the LFIR accepts registrations from the “Toute Petite Section” (age 2) to the “6ème” (the first year of middle school, age 11-12); with more classes expected to reopen as students progress through middle and high school.

The LFIR provides a welcoming, joyful and caring environment for children, as well as attentive care and personalised support thanks to the dedication of the LFIR team. It is set in a beautiful, spacious and child-friendly campus in the heart of Yangon, with excellent facilities for classroom activities, arts and sports.


The LFIR, thanks to its tradition of openness, is a place of linguistic and cultural exchanges: the school welcomes students of all nationalities, with 15 nationalities currently represented – including 21% of French students, 35% of Myanmar students and 44% of other nationalities. This international environment helps children develop tolerance and openness to different cultures in an inclusive setting for all.

LFIR Students' origins

The French curriculum taught at the school is adapted to this multicultural and multilingual environment. In addition to the excellent academic knowledge and critical thinking that French education is famous for, LFIR students therefore also develop the language and intercultural skills that are essential in today’s world, preparing them for their international future. 

After completing their school education at the LFIR, students can attend other AEFE schools or international schools. After high school and once they have obtained their “baccalauréat”, they can apply to French or international Universities ; for those wishing to study at University in France, a variety of scholarships are available via Campus France and AEFE. More information  is available here.


The French school was first established in 1993 by the Total group in order to provide education for the children of its French employees. 

It became “Joseph Kessel school” in 2011, then the LFIR, Lycée Français International de Rangoun – Joseph Kessel in 2016 when it joined the AEFE network, offering classes from preschool to the baccalaureate.


A renowned French reporter, adventurer, pilot, Second World War resistance fighter and writer, Joseph Kessel travelled to Burma in 1955 to explore Mogok, which inspired his book “The Valley of the Rubies”, a journal and adventure novel on this forgotten city. He is also the author of a book which chronicles the friendship between a lion and a girl named Patricia, which is called… “The lion”.  The school logo pays tribute to the work of this historic figure.


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