Why choose a French international school ?

French education is renowned for its excellence and high academic standards. French school students build strong foundations in academic knowledge as well as critical thinking and problem-solving.

To reflect their international setting, the French curriculum taught in French international schools is adapted to an international, multilingual environment comprising mostly international students.

Globally, French international schools mostly welcome students from other nationalities ; the LFIR  currently teaches a majority of international students, from many nationalities.

Thanks to this diverse multicultural environment, French international school students develop the language and intercultural skills that are essential in today’s world, preparing them for their international future. 

Note that students from the French education system can not only move to other French schools around the world, but also easily adapt to other international school curricula.  

Thanks to the excellent reputation of the French education system and its “baccalauréat” (the French high school diploma), French students can join the world’s highest-ranking universities : highly regarded and internationally recognised, the “baccalauréat” is seen as excellent preparation for the demands of higher education.  It is widely accepted by Universities across the world, with North American Universities even granting extra credits (up to a full year of study) to Baccalauréat holders. 

For those wishing to study in France, a variety of scholarships are available.

The AEFE network currently includes 580 French international schools located in 139 countries. Globally, these schools teach 390,000 students, of whom 40% are French and 60% from other nationalities. Students can seamlessly move between schools within the global AEFE network. 

As a government institution under the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, AEFE assures high-quality French education across the world, provides support to international French schools, and guarantees high standards through regular audits.

Schools that are part of AEFE (Association for French Education Abroad) are fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education. This accreditation assures the quality of education provided by the schools and ensures that their curriculum, teaching objectives and organisational values comply with the French education system. 

In addition, schools are regularly audited and required to prove that they meet accreditation criteria. See the conclusions of the latest audit at the LFIR here.

As school education is compulsory in France from the age of 3, the French national curriculum covers all stages from the very first years of preschool, ensuring gradual progress and consistency.

This well-tested, highly regarded curriculum focuses not only on academic knowledge, critical thinking and independence, but also on humanist values. Individual expression is fostered through language, physical activity and arts.

Teaching methods are both traditional and modern, with a structured approach to learning and an emphasis on active learning, collaborative work, and experimentation. At preschool, the curriculum follows the natural development of the child. In primary school, students are supported to gradually develop autonomy in preparation for secondary school.

As the second most-learned and fifth most-spoken language in the world, French is an important language of international communication

Fluency in French opens up opportunities for study, business and diplomacy: France ranks 3rd in the world for higher education in the Shanghai Ranking and it is home to many industry-leading multinational companies. As a long-established language of diplomacy and international relations, French is a working language of international organisations including the UN, EU, OECD, WTO and ICRC. 

At the LFIR, teachers are experienced in supporting non-French speakers and an efficient French language programme is in place. 


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